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Hawaii Hit Band Kapala Takes You On a Waimanalo Jam, 96795 – Top CD in my Collection Right Now!

I dabbled around in the music industry for almost 30 years.  Played a little guitar, help a few artists get there demos straight and actually made $1.50  🙂  My ears are tuned in for looking, listening to new music that breaks the barriers of ho-hum tail-chasing no hit worthy noise.  I FOUND ONE – Kapala!

I got their début CD “Imprint” when it released and was so set back at how the music did what music is supposed to do, take you one a theater-of-the-mind ride from reality; the perfect escape.  I was quickly drawn to the contemporary track called Nani Hanalei; full chicken skin.  Guest chant by Keali`i Reichel and the music arrangement took the Aloha to another level.  Even my daughters who listen to current kid pop/hip hop love it (phew, thought their sonic ear taste was doomed).

Next track and to me, one of best arranged and produced tracks on the CD is 96795 – Which is the zip code of Waimanalo.  Along with this track is the bands first produced video (see below).  As well, what a line-up of musicians!  All these guys are some of Hawaii’s most well known. On the top music promotions site ReverbNation, Kapala has held down the #1 spot in Top World local artists for weeks.

All that being said, I’ll shut up and spread the Kapala Aloha.  Check out their profile on ReverbNation to learn more about Kapala.  Below are a couple of videos and a link to their FaceBook Fan page.  Mark my words, though Kapala is made of some of Hawaii’s best, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  They will leave a legacy if they keep releasing music like this!


Sing 4 Hugs, Keali’i Reichel Free Performance – Sunset On The Beach

Sing 4 Hugs Waikiki On The Beach Free ConcertFirst lets start of with the meaning of the word philanthropy.  Philanthropy is the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations.  That being said, you’re not going to belive this but a local family, who wishes to stay somewhat anonymous, is putting on a FREE concert on June 5th 2010 at Waikiki’s Sunset on the Beach featuring Keali’i Reichel……FOR FREE!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! – Sing 4 Hugs, Keali’i Reichel Free Performance – Waikik’s famed Sunset On The Beach

When I asked Brett why he was doing this, his answer was typical for the kind of people he and his wife Dee (kids too) are.   Brett said, “That value of giving back has been a focus in our family since day one. We’ve been blessed in our lives and thought that by encouraging the kids to give back, that they in turn would learn how to be compassionate towards others not as fortunate, or whom are facing some of life’s many challenges that we all experience at some point in our lives”.

The real benefactors of the amazing example of paying it forward is the HUGS organization in Hawaii serving Hawaii families.   HUGS has for 28 years provided support for the children throughout the Hawaiian islands whom are facing a life-threatening disease.  “By bringing attention to this unique non-profit, we felt we’d be helping to aid in their continual quest to raise funds a real challenge for any non-profit” says Brett.

In a  statement Brett said “Thanks to the huge support of family and friends working on the event with us, Dee and I look forward to being part of this free concert for the entire Oahu community by Keali’i at one of Oahu’s most beautiful venues Sunset on Beach at Waikiki Beach on Saturday, June 5th at 6:30pm. Hey…how often can one invite the whole island of Oahu to one big party let alone with Keali’i there!  Be a supporter and buy a shirt supporting the event, bring a donation to give to HUGS and share the Aloha”.

:::::big sigh::::  How unreal is it that ANYONE among our citizens here in Hawaii has made such a public call to action to bring Aloha through music, dance, culture and gift….the gift of giving.

ALOHA Dee, Brett, Torry and Leila!

Was the Hawaii Tsunami Warning A Blessing For The Hawaii Tourism Authority?

It was an unprecedented coverage of the Hawaiian Islands during the Tsunami warning of February 27, 2010.  More people tuned into their TV, mobile and social media accounts to focus on Hawaii than ever in the history of modern-day Hawaii.  It was a sunny morning and there was light winds, empty beaches and more boats on the horizon than the eye could see.  A Perfect day for the HTA  right?

The Hawaii Tourism Authority has bore the brunt of the tourism heat for not getting the right kind of spin out to the world about Hawaii as a travel destination.  To boot, they just coughed up $650k to cultural Hawaiian development only after being called out on not being supportive of the movement.  And now, as if 3 is a charm, a tsunami warning that may have put a bit of a shy spin on people coming out here because “it could happen”.

What the world saw was a great response by the people of Hawaii to move it on up the hill.  Tsunami Pa’inas broke out along road side look-outs to see what would happen.  Nobody panicked and everything went off without a hitch – except 9 civil sirens.  The keywords on Twitter (#Hawaii#Waikiki) saw the highest use in the history of Twitter during the tsunami event so that must have had a good branding impact, right?

From my point of view, it was a great global response by people all over the world on all types of media sending well wishes as we awaited and sighs of relief when the tsunami missed us.  there are hundreds of millions of people who have visited Hawaii and left with some of the most memorable times of their lives.  Yes, as I’m so happy that the tsunami passed us, I’m even more elated to see that world knows what Aloha is.  Hawaii dodged a bullet but the HTA got the big save.  But I hope they open their eyes to see that the equity of Aloha is far greater than trying to create it.

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