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Punk Ass Chef Shouts out some Aloha With Spam-A-Doobie! Stoner Food FTW!

Punk Ass Chef

Punk Ass Chef - Korn Holeyo

Okay this is great.  While I was looking up some spam videos on YouTube, this guy (Punk Ass Chef) just uploaded a recipe called the Spam-A-Doobie.  At first I thought is was a cook who was just poking fun at beloved Spam, but it was even better.  This guy manages to come up with an insane snack from Spam and old pizza crust.  He even adds a bit of spinach for that health feel-good thing.

He seems like a real-time stoner with essence of tweaker – but maybe that’s how the character is developed (or not).  But why Real Time Aloha is writing about it is his cool shout out to his friends in Hawaii.  He actually took a page from the local Spa, Musubi and twisted it into his very own Spam-A-Doobie.  LOL!

Funny thing about this guy is that I can detect that he has cook chops.  He talks about blanching the spinach though he called it “flashing”.  He also brings into the video the use of all the frick’n condiment packs that are bursting out of most of our drawers.  But just when you think you’ve seen it all in the video the end is epic funny!!  Totally blooper sic at the end but is it because of the Spam-A-Doobie or because he just gaffed!

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