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Surfrider Spirit Sessions Hawaii, Mentoring Change with Surfing Lessons, Environmental Awareness and Water Safety

I get asked quite often to take part with local Non Profits.  In 95% of the cases, I deliver with Social Media contributions but with the Surfrider Spirit Sessions in Hawaii, I had to jump in full-on.  Almost any surfer will tell you that surfing is a life changing lifestyle.  It’s a way of thinking, living and honoring ones personal abilities to play in the ocean. 

The Surfrider Spirit Session’s is a program built around supporting Kids at Risk.  These kids are challenged everyday in their environment to stay out of all kinds of trouble but one thing they have in common is that they have gotten themselves into the court system.  As they are placed in different programs to get support, Surfrider Spirit Sessions adds a powerful element to their program; surf lessons and water/land environmental education. 

I prepped a special video for you to check out Surfrider Spirit Sessions at work 


As a new mentor all I can say is that it’s a great feeling to get these kids in the water every Saturday for a couple of hours and watch the light up with their daily achievements.  The look in their eyes when they are turning to catch their first wave to the smile on their face when the paddle back and can’t believe that they actually surfed is amazing.  To give these kids a few hours of escape time from the daily challenges and at the same time boost personal confidence is priceless, but it is a non-profit  🙂 


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