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Kelly Hu for Hawaii 5-0, Hollywood Brings Production To Honolulu and Casts LOCAL Actress!


Well, November 1st is the night!  Kelly Hu will be on Hawaii 5-0 and we’re all pumped about her appearance.  Looking forward to seeing a real Hawaiian actor on the show, really.  I’m sure that CBS doesn’t care much about proper local dialect being this is a show that has a global appeal, but let’s not lose our “Flip-Flops” over it.  You just gotta be thankful they didn’t say “thongs”.  Bra, da frick’as gonna fix’m bumbai.

 Gooooooooooooooo Kelly!! > Kelly Hu Facebook Page


Current cast

Alex O’Loughlin, Detective Steve McGarrett, Scott Caan, who is Detective Daniel “Danno” Williams, Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Chin Ho Kelly and Grace Park, who plays Chin’s cousin, Kono, 

More Kelly Hu News!!  As of October 5th 2010, actress Kelly Hu is going to shoot more Hawaii 5-0 in her second appearance on the CBS hit show.  While we await for the airing of her first shoot as the lesion between the Governor and Steve McGarrett,  it has been rumored that her role will be reoccurring.  It looks like the rumors might be true being that she’s back in town (Hawaii) to shoot another episode.  Go KELLY!


Kelly Hu Hawaii 5-0 Update Honolulu, Sept. 10, 2010 – Well, all I have to say so that I’m so pumped to see a major actor FROM Hawaii get cast in Hawaii 5-0.  When I released this post, I was part of a team trying to start the buzz on Kelly to get some TV time on Hawaii 5-0.  I’m thinking that the casting directors and directors may have heard our please via a Kelly Hu page on facebook.  Aloha Kelly Hu – Looking forward to seeing you on Hawaii 5-0.

*********************************Original Post Below*******************************

So here we go…..AGAIN.  Hollywood brings production to Hawaii’s economy but is real thin on any type of power-rolls for local actors.  As Hawaii 5-0 is in mid production right in Honolulu it looks as if  they haven’t given a look at developing some kind of support role for Hawaii based actors.  Yea, I’m sure their going to do some  casting that will fill the stereo type status quo of local’s looking “local and speaking with the island accent”, but c’mon, Hawaii has local and national talent.  One of which is actress Kelly Hu.

Would it be too much to ask to get some love from the Hollywood machine for Kelly?  IMO, she’s a seasoned actress who has already gotten hazed in the game with all kinds of roles, of which one of them was in the same format as Hawaii 5-0; a cop series called Martial Law.  Oh yea, lets not forget a major feature being release called The Tournament – (more on Kelly Hu’s career)

I guess I’m just venting but really, what’s it going to take for Hollywood to acknowledge one thing, when in Hawaii, work with Hawaii’s talent pool – especially if they are bona fied money makers for the industry.  In my opinion, the reason why 80% of the production that shoots in Hawaii fail when it has an Hawaiian theme is that they miss the organic casting opportunities and play to the stereotype of what they, Hollywood “visitors”, are branded with as they pass through our state and don’t get the culture.  Kelly Hu FTW – Join The Team!

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