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Who’s Running for Lt. Governor’s Race of Hawaii 2010 – Why I Didn’t Care Until Now

Wow…..did you see the negative spin on Facebook about Neil Abercrombie?  What do you think are the odds that this is a move by Mufi Hannemanns camp?  There’s no two ways about it, this is going to get ugly and funny.  If I was Duke Aiona’s camp, I would be just feeding on the Hannemann/Abercrombie rhetoric getting all the info, lock and load.

But what about the Lt. Governors race for Hawaii 2010?  I looked it up on the Hawaii Gov site and got a list of who’s running.  Never heard of these people except for Bobby Bunda and  Norman Sakamoto.  I think I have seen the guy from Maui in a couple of commercials but that’s it.  But here’s the funny thing, I never really cared about the Lt. Governors race until I sat with a friend that brought up a good point.  “So if these people were running for Governor, who would you like”?  Now I care….

After going through the list and did decent research and if I was going to vote for these people as if it was the Governors race, it would have to be Norman Sakamoto FTW!  It would have to be someone who has big time experience with dealing with the states politics.  Not to say Bobby Bunda or the others don’t have experience, I just like the feeling I get from Norman Sakamoto in a time where trust in politics is at its lowest.  Sakamotot seems to be a person for the people.  Plus he’s always spinning his position on education and that’s my trigger point.  Education has to be on the top 5 points in my book.

The way I have been branded as Joe public, the position of the Lt. Governor of Hawaii (or any state for that matter) is more of pomp and circumstance.  But now with some new information on what the Lt. Governor does and after thinking “What if Mufi Hannemann or Neil Abercrombie win”? it might be a real good idea to have  solid back-up.  Who would you want? 

Norman Sakamoto for me.

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