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Surfing the Nations in Wahiawa, Charity Starts At Home

You know, community volunteers just don’t get enough props when they give.  This morning I was driving back home through Wahiawa and I saw dozens of people cleaning up graffiti from street polls.  Man did that put a smile on my face.  So I rolled down my window and asked what organization they were from and heard a proud young girl say “Surfing the Nations” as she pointed to the location…..right there in Wahiawa.

For me, when organizations reach out withing their communities it fortifies my total cries that charity starts at home…….in this case their own backyard.  When others see that you care, it broadens the circle of awareness of others.  This is not much of a post but I wanted to just say than you Surfing The Nations for what you’re doing for our community. 

If you come by this post and live in Wahiawa and you drive by Surfing The Nations headquarters, throw a thank-you “shaka”.

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