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Hawaii’s Big City Diner Leads With Big Family Values and some Twitter Too

Big City Waipio

Through out the last 18 months of watching so many long time mom and pops go out of business here in Hawaii, it’s always a relief when a family restaurant like Big City Diner manages to keep the good food and Aloha going.  Now I have to say that I’m slightly partial to the Kaimuki Big City Diner because after that classes I teach up the street, I always go there for a debriefing with my associates and that’s where I experience the first sign of Aloha.

At times, I show up around the last call for food.  Never once did they give me the brush off and they kept the kitchen open to the brink of closing.  Also to my total delight, no junk attitude from the server – of course knowing that I rolled up late I could understand if I got the stink-eye.  Shutting my night down with their Philly Cheese Stake and Garlic Fries is the best way to end my night.  But the main course at Big City Diner is how they have stayed in touch with the times and their customers.

With tough times at hand, I have watched how Big City Diner Hawaii has been flexible with creating menu specials as well as their social media interactivity.   A long time family owned restaurant taking the internet seriously is what it’s going to take to keep everyone in touch.  They blast out Twitter deals and always drop fresh info on their Facebook page.

But either way, for me it’s the Aloha of the business……..oh, and the Kim Chee burger  :::ahem:: I mean their breakfasts……no wait – the fresh Salmon.  Ah hell, I’ve tried everything on that menu at least once.  Oh, and if you make it to the Big City Diner in Waipio, ask the bartender about something called a Guinness chocolate Shake – yes, made with Guinness Beer.  OMMMMMMMMMMMMMG!

Here’s are links to Big City Diners Twitter and the Facebook – Check how they spread that Big City Diner Aloha.

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