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Dennis Arakaki, Island Values Slam Neil Abercrombie – Are Hawaii’s Christians Swayed by a Single Radio Ad?

Man is my mind lit up with thoughts after hearing that so many people are set-off by a single radio ad.  As it is so obvious that a democratic entity with a recognizable leading voice (Dennis Arakaki) releases anti Neil Abercrombie spin, it is even more painfully obvious to me that this message could do some damage to the Christian community here in Hawaii.

On the other hand, hitting back from the Hawaii Republicans, GOP Chairman Jonah Kaauwai accused ”Ken Wong of the Mufi Hannemann campaign” of trying to deceptively entice Christian voters into supporting Hannemann. He urged pastors to bar Hannemann from attending their services.  Game on!

What I don’t get is that these kinds of religious call-to-action spins sends a ripple effect down the core of the Christian community.  How?  Simple – is Dennis Arakaki saying that if a democratic conservative Christian votes Abercrombie that then he/she is now labeled as an unsuitable choice for Jesus?   How about the Christian independent?  

I always have known pastors or priests to be qualified as teachers of their religion based on the guidelines of the bible.  But I’ve also seen some pastors and priests take a stance as if they were some kind of a celebrity in corralling their parishioners into guiding personal decision-making beyond the words of the book.

As far as I’m concerned, the radio spot that proclaims Neil Abercrombie unfit due to his HB444 support or anything “unholy” is the opinion of people who have money enough to buy air time.  Dennis Arakaki has his opinion in partnership with Island Values and he went public with it.  You watch, in about 3 days, there will probably be a counter spin from another camp against the ad.  But do you think that the radio ad that Dennis Arakaki and Island Values put out really have an impact?  Or will most see it as politics as usual and ignore it?

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