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Guy Hess, Aloha Zen Kapiolani Park Sessions, Free Your Mind, Body and Soul – Then Kick!

I love it when great things start with grass-roots, literally!  Kailua martial arts instructor Guy Hess is testing out his Aloha Zen program on Tues/Thurs afternoons  on the back side of Kapiolani Park (archery park next to the tennis courts).  
I met Guy a year ago and immediately saw/felt an immediate peace-of-mind and confidence that I wanted to strive for.  After talking to him for a while, he humbly told me about himself and what his next mission was.  I was very intrigued.
A soft-spoken man with a powerful passion for life, Guy Hess wanted to take his years of knowledge of martial arts and combo it with his life’s wisdom to start Aloha Zen.  He wanted to share the experience of his knowledge of both body and mind but the challenge was where and how in order to not sound like just another guru.  Enter Aloha Zen in the Park.
But what I found truly compelling about Guy and his philosophy was his stern approach to working with kids as they developed within his classes.  In a truly humble way, the video below shows Guy talking about the real movement he preaches about a stable martial arts development for kids.  It’s a great video that gives both parents and young students the opportunity to see/feel what Guy Hess is all about.
The classes at Kapiolani Park are held on Tuesday and Thursday, and are one hour sessions beginning promptly at 6:00 p.m.  His Martial Arts Workout starts with an intro then blends the art of Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial art form which means “way of the open hand,” and a boot camp or cross fit type style workout.  Participants start with basic stretches, both sitting and standing, and then slowly moves into various martial arts stances which extend the body, similar to dance choreography.  The hand/eye/mind coordination then progresses and includes a variety of aerobic movement including kicks, squats, and sit-ups.  No two classes are alike and is created for participants of all ages to enjoy while improving upon their fitness abilities.
 As for his BIO: Guy Hess is an accomplished martial arts instructor specializing in Tang Soo Do and Self Defense.  With more than 25 years of martial arts education under his belt (3rd degree Black) and personal development training, he brings a different type of workout to Hawaii.  With The Martial Arts Workout, Guy has designed the class so that clients tap into their authentic self and exceed their goals by mixing the discipline of martial arts practice with that of exercise boot camp style.  Being a “student of life” and taking all of his experiences into account, brings his practice into full circle.  The Martial Arts Workout allows him to create a truly unique class for everyone and anyone looking to get and stay in shape, as well as reach a more Zen state, all while in a positive learning environment.

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