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Senator Daniel Inouye Knows Aloha, Knows Ohana, Knows Politics and Knows How To Throw A Good Democratic Party!

You know, very few times in one’s life can you look out into the political landscape and be in the presence of a legendary politician.  What makes a legendary politician?  Just look at the life of Senator Daniel K. Inouye.  Simply amazing.  To me, he’s the Audy Murphy of Politics.  With all the issues that he has championed through his political career, the constant undertone was about the people, not the pockets.

But you don’t need a small-time blogger to tell you that.  What this post is about is seeing how Senator Daniel Inouye can really throw a great, local style democratic ohana party!  Someone sent me this video and I had a smile on the whole time.  Though I’m sur that some of the guests saw it as a public-opp to spin, it looked like everyone genuinely had a blast.

Watching  the other democratic candidates that are in races against each other have a blast like kids in a bouncy-house, or Ramin eating contest or other events, it looked like it was a perfectly represented platform of what Senator Daniel Inouye is capable of; getting people together and making it happen.   It was the “A” list of politicians for sure!  LOL – Watching Norman Sakamoto pounding the Taiko Drums or Kirk Caldwell jamming Saimin – Good times!

I saw Candidates from each major administrative position there.  It’s like watching bloopers of films and TV stars.  T o see these candidates as real people brings a sence of humanity to the otherwise publically myopic world of political figures.  This video is genuinely a great feel-good presentation.

See for yourself – I VOTE Senator Daniel Inouye FTW!  Oh, for those of you who don’t understand what FTW means – “For The Win”  🙂


American Samoa Leads the Pack of Pacific Islands in Banning Plastic Bags – Cheeeeeee Hoooooo

How I love this news.  I just came back from a gathering of dedicated members of the Oahu chapter of the Surfrider Foundation Hawaii and one of the topics was about things they could do to put pressure on getting states to do exactly what America Samoa just did.

From the heart of Polynesia, American Samoa is going to make it illegal for stores to hand out plastic bags once a new law goes into effect early next year.  Gov. Togiola Tulafono, who signed the ban into law last week, said the measure would help preserve the environment for future generations.

The law takes effect Feb. 23. It exempts shopping bags produced entirely from non-petroleum based biodegradable plastic and compostable plastic bags.

Gov. Togiola Tulafono

California came real close as a state to setting off a ban similar to what America Samoa did but the got c-blocked by companies that make money from the production of plastic bags.  However, there are city’s like San Fransisco who started the trend in 2007 and others are stepping in line.  Guess there’s only one way to eat an elephant; one bite at a time!

All I have to say is THAAAAAAAANK YOOOOOOOOOOU Gov. Togiola Tulafono and America Samoa for setting the example by telling the toxic plastic bag manufacturing world that their products are not welcome in our homes, beaches and land fills.  Mahalo Gov. Togiola Tulafono for setting the tone for the rest of the pacific islands to follow.  I only hope that we as the people of Hawaii can ban together to join this mission to rid our islands, then hopefully the world, of these plastic bags.

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