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How SUP (Stand Up Surfing) Is Giving More People The Spirit of Walking on Water Even If Your Not By The Ocean

This is my Sunset Session west of Waimea - Nice and Mellow

To the best of my ability, I try to describe the emotions I feel when I surf to my friends and most get it, but hesitate to try.  For many, surfing is just out of the question.  Some reasons are acute fear of the ocean and most or nominal danger factor of getting hit by the board.  But since the development of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) into the mainstream, 100’s of thousands of people are enjoying the serenity of “walking on water”.

From every ocean to rivers, lakes and harbors, you see someone out there on a SUP board.  Casually paddling into their bliss.  It’s an amazing way to see some of the most un-seen terrain.  For me, my first real “ahhhhh’ experience was going up the river at Haleiwa, just a few mile from my house. OMG!

But out in the open ocean, it’s another game.  Though I have been a surfer for 35 years and know the ocean pretty well, getting out there on a challenging day will wake you up real fast that your just a visitor.  My friend called med to SUP paddle from Black Point to the Outrigger club; about 2 miles.  The trade winds and trade swells are to our backs, so it would seem perfect, right?

Well, getting out of the chop at Black point was one thing.  Then getting around Browns we realized that the swell and winds were bigger and faster than we expected.  My friend is an advanced SUP rider and I’m still fairly new.  I was on a board that was too small for me so I really had to hang on.  It was so windy at times that my friend would just stand still and the wind blew him forward without the paddle.

Then we go into a tuff cross-chop in front of the Light House at Diamond Head.  Now that was a trip.  A swirl of currents that you could see wanted to do it’s best to spin you out from where we came.  Then after we fought through that, my buddy shouted “Shit, look at that”.  It looked like a bait-ball with Spinners and turtles having a feast…..then of course he saw a small Tiger shark.Actually,I was more bent on getting into the flats towards the Outrigger Canoe Club then worrying about a shark.  Figured that the shark was chomping away at the bait ball.

Well, we made it through Tongs (surf spot) and onto the beach at the club.  After decompressing my feet and knees, I was actually really stoked that I had experienced that kind of run.  I’m sure I’ll do it again but next time, I’m really going to make a point of checking the open sea conditions first.  But really, I prefer just a light cruise in mellow conditions so that I can just dial into myself for some zen time.

Check out this guy on Lake Erie – Good Times!

Mufi Hannemann Works Neil Abercrombie at the Debate Then Abercrombie Came Back Strong, But Who Came Out Flexing

The KGMB Democratic Governors debate started off with a mellow tone until the subject of 300 – 500% tax increase on homeowners who were assessed commercial zoned taxes. To that point, Mufi Hannemann had Neil Abercrombie down on the political mat only because in my opinion, he was talking to the people of Hawaii and not just dancing around with hashed political spin.  But then when it came down to the calling Mufi on the Honolulu tax situation, Neil got fired up and got the crowed going.

The questions about Mufi’s postal mailer tactic to the rail transit issue continued the escalation of tension.  Though Abercrombie had strong rebuttal statements, Mufi still seemed to talk to “us”.  When I mean us, I mean he had his answers impeccably set to address the people of Hawaii and not the writers of political columns.  However, as the debate wore on, Abercrombie became more secure with his responses and loosened up.  I really liked his pin-point answers that he gave to the audience questions.  SCORE!

When Neil tried to hit Mufi with the mailer again it really back-fired on Neil IMO.  The people of Hawaii already took measure with it but Neil kept at it – oh wait Abercrombie got BOOOOOOOOOOOED – My hats off to moderator Tanya, yea she relatively new to mderating but c’mon KGMB, next time, either no audience or don’t let the political camps in – It started sounding like an MMA fight, not one that would decide the direction of the state.

The HB444 issue Finally drew the lines tight between Mufi and Neil.  Black and white.  If you’re gay in Hawaii, you’re probably going to lean towards Neil.  On the other hand, Mufi just hauled in the majority Christian vote.

Mufi’s answer about gambling and lottery was probably the only one that I have strong feelings about.  Big score for me!  Why do the opposite to the people of the state with the temptation of gambling when we’re trying to keep more money in their pockets? Abercrombies answer was strong as well, but a bit sterile.

But at the end of the day, all the wining that both the Mufi Hannemann and Neil Abercrombie did about the state of Hawaii still didn’t get me to make a choice.  If the global economy didn’t tank, 50% of the issues at hand would not have been asked in the debate.  The state tanked due to the global economic breakdown and who ever was at the helm on all levels took the heat.  It’s easy to come up to bat as a pinch hitter (Neil) against a tired pitcher (Mufi) in extra innings..

Abercrombie really nailed his closing statement.  Very passionate and believable.  Extremely old school powerful.  His closing was very Obamaish.  I think he sold it to the people.  Could this have been the 2010 democratic David and Goliath?  🙂

  • PRO: Neil Abercrombie really had it together, great social spin, super speaker. CON: Neil Abercrombie sounded rehearsed and kept running long.  I might still vote for him.
  • PRO: Mufi Hannemann tied in the people and places of Hawaii, good sense of inclusion.  CON: He still needs to un-brand himself from past issues better.  I still might vote for him.

For Me, it was a draw, but I got some great info on which to make a decision with.

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