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Waipio Little League Just Nailing the Home Runs – Can Georgia Stop Their Hot Bats and the Power of Aloha

Waipio’s Little League brings Georgia to their knees – What an amazing show of little league baseball.  Once again Waipio’s little league is in a Little League World Series clutch and we here in Hawaii are glued to our TV’s.  Is it in the water?  Is it in the Aloha?  Is it in the coaching?  Well I’m sure it’s a combination of all but one thing is for sure, it’s all hard work and heart.

What a thrill it is to see these kids way out in the mainland just doing their best and at the same time, schooling the Georgia team on underdog efforts.  One of the things that I notice every time the kids either take the field or go to bat is a sense of pride and understanding what they have achieved and where they are in the eyes of little league baseball history.

You know as well as I do that when we drive around dropping off our kids to the park for their little league practice, we don’t think of how far it might take them.  We hope that our kids get a sense of sportsmanship, discipline and of course fun that they can one day reflect on when they get older.  But when something as special as the Waipio Little League making it out to the Little League World Series, you recognize the smiles on the faces on TV because there the same as the one on our kids faces when step out on to the field; any field.

When we cheer for the Waipio kids in the mainland, we are really cheering for our kids to.  You see, we as parents always bring our “A” game when we show up to support our kids in their sports.  I have had my eardrums shattered from cheers from parents in a local park.  Can’t imaging what it really sounds like at the Little League World Series.


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