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Are OB Golf Balls Environmental Death Turds? Turn Out-of-Bounds Golf Balls into Money for Non-Profits

Okay, wait; before you jump down my throat as an environmental extremist, I’m not.  I do my share in watching how I recycle, pick-up stray trash on the golf course or the beach but I don’t break it down to the ridicules.  But I do have a thought about those MILLIONS of out-of-bound golf balls still in the environment.

You’ve seen them, I have seen them.  Busted up, de-laminating golf balls way OB and in the ponds, rivers, fountains etc..  We have seen the pictures of ingested golf balls in snakes, alligators and even in bird nests.  Just a byproduct of the snap-hook or death slice but it does stick it to mother nature when we don’t find them.

So instead of me going on a scientific rant about the break-down of a golf balls and how long it takes, I just want to suggest what I do.  When I play, I always carry a small bag with me so when I see OB balls that are trashed from being out there since the last supper, I just pick’m up and through them away.  That’s just my thing……

Maybe the golf courses can do a “feel good” campaign for their own branding and imaging with a non-profit by having a OB ball collecting contest and for every ball collected, the sponsor of the event will put a dollar in the non-profits fund.  It will brand the golf course as a community player and a supporter of green issue.

But the real sad thing about this post in my blog is that after all these years playing golf, I’m still spending waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time ob!!  *_*


Mufi Hannemann, Neil Abercrombie, Duke Aiona and “Mr. Sun Cho Lee” Music Video Mashup:)

All I have to say about this is watch the video.  It doesn’t seem to be a direct hit on any of the candidates but more like a wake up call to voters.  I have to admit that I didn’t know who 1/3 of these people were.  Some funny stats that are questionable but at least it makes you think.

Using Keola Beamer song “Mr. Sun Cho Lee” put’s it over the top especially the last few lines of the song.  Though the classic song might have a spin on race and ethnicity, it’s tastefully done and in this case, adds a sence of humor to a serious time in Hawaii’s politics.

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