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Kaena Point Uproar, Off-Road and Camping In Jeopardy – A Generational Failure?

Kaena Point, in Mokuleia Oahu,  is one of the last wide open spaces that people on Oahu can “freely” use recreational vehicles, camp, fish and be a part of generational family gatherings.  But for every word in the previous sentence there is an opposition growing towards the free use of the land based on what’s happening to the Aina itself.

The sad thing for me and what’s going down in Kaena Point is that maybe only 15% of the visitors are disrespectful to the land but 100% of the land users could be affected by new rules/laws.  Another thing that has been real troubling to me is that this issue IS a local issue that can’t be blamed on outside influences.  No rental cars can make the trip to the top of Kaena Point – only local folks with the trucks can get up there.  So maybe we need local folks to step up and police the few that have no respect for the land.  Not so much in a vigilante kind of mission, but in an educational mission.

You know how at most animal parks where you can let your dogs run off a leash freely?  Well, at most of those parks the have distribution points that have bags for dog poop.  Maybe something like that will aid the issue of trash that only a few leave behind.  And as for the land scaring that some activist are talking about that is directly related to off-road vehicles, I say bull-shit.  Unless the state and activists can come up with a positive use for the land and be able to management in a trustworthy way, let the people play with their toys under their own risk of injury/death.  As land is being taken away and over developed, outdoor motor enthusiasts are getting cornered out…..then what?

Is this a generational failure in not handing down respect for the land?  What do you think is the best for managing the issues at Kaena Point?

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  1. we need a new road around kaena point we suffer with one way in and out. open up a new road so we have two ways to go.now 2.000 more people moveing west side for hawaiian homes do the math new road will help alot we have more people west side then kapolei makakilo kunia combined. you have to help us.they spent 111 million on a road in kapolei for what100 people come on we need the road do whats right help us ok aloha

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