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Kelly Hu for Hawaii 5-0, Hollywood Brings Production To Honolulu and Casts LOCAL Actress!


Well, November 1st is the night!  Kelly Hu will be on Hawaii 5-0 and we’re all pumped about her appearance.  Looking forward to seeing a real Hawaiian actor on the show, really.  I’m sure that CBS doesn’t care much about proper local dialect being this is a show that has a global appeal, but let’s not lose our “Flip-Flops” over it.  You just gotta be thankful they didn’t say “thongs”.  Bra, da frick’as gonna fix’m bumbai.

 Gooooooooooooooo Kelly!! > Kelly Hu Facebook Page


Current cast

Alex O’Loughlin, Detective Steve McGarrett, Scott Caan, who is Detective Daniel “Danno” Williams, Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Chin Ho Kelly and Grace Park, who plays Chin’s cousin, Kono, 

More Kelly Hu News!!  As of October 5th 2010, actress Kelly Hu is going to shoot more Hawaii 5-0 in her second appearance on the CBS hit show.  While we await for the airing of her first shoot as the lesion between the Governor and Steve McGarrett,  it has been rumored that her role will be reoccurring.  It looks like the rumors might be true being that she’s back in town (Hawaii) to shoot another episode.  Go KELLY!


Kelly Hu Hawaii 5-0 Update Honolulu, Sept. 10, 2010 – Well, all I have to say so that I’m so pumped to see a major actor FROM Hawaii get cast in Hawaii 5-0.  When I released this post, I was part of a team trying to start the buzz on Kelly to get some TV time on Hawaii 5-0.  I’m thinking that the casting directors and directors may have heard our please via a Kelly Hu page on facebook.  Aloha Kelly Hu – Looking forward to seeing you on Hawaii 5-0.

*********************************Original Post Below*******************************

So here we go…..AGAIN.  Hollywood brings production to Hawaii’s economy but is real thin on any type of power-rolls for local actors.  As Hawaii 5-0 is in mid production right in Honolulu it looks as if  they haven’t given a look at developing some kind of support role for Hawaii based actors.  Yea, I’m sure their going to do some  casting that will fill the stereo type status quo of local’s looking “local and speaking with the island accent”, but c’mon, Hawaii has local and national talent.  One of which is actress Kelly Hu.

Would it be too much to ask to get some love from the Hollywood machine for Kelly?  IMO, she’s a seasoned actress who has already gotten hazed in the game with all kinds of roles, of which one of them was in the same format as Hawaii 5-0; a cop series called Martial Law.  Oh yea, lets not forget a major feature being release called The Tournament – (more on Kelly Hu’s career)

I guess I’m just venting but really, what’s it going to take for Hollywood to acknowledge one thing, when in Hawaii, work with Hawaii’s talent pool – especially if they are bona fied money makers for the industry.  In my opinion, the reason why 80% of the production that shoots in Hawaii fail when it has an Hawaiian theme is that they miss the organic casting opportunities and play to the stereotype of what they, Hollywood “visitors”, are branded with as they pass through our state and don’t get the culture.  Kelly Hu FTW – Join The Team!

21 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tracy Larrua, Geebz. Geebz said: Hollywood brings Hawaii 5-0 to Honolulu but with no lead support roles for Hawaii actors like Kelly Hu, WTF – http://tinyurl.com/24x7ykg […]

  2. Kelly’s also done GREAT roles for everything from Law and Order to the NCIS and a multitude of other television. Her imdb is proof of just how much and how hard she works!!!

    And let’s not forget Branscombe Richmond, and Julia Nickson…also seasoned actors who have worked in the business for years and proven a solid track record for great performances and hard work at their craft!!!

    • Having Kelly Hu in the production would definitely put some “Hawaii” into “Hawaii 5-0”. Kelly grew up in the Islands and has experienced the culture first-hand and would bring some local realism to the show. She is a well known talent nationally and I hope they will strongly consider a role for her in this new rendition of 5-0.

    • first of all, i second deborah’s comment about kelly’s hotness quotient, ‘sept i’m a straight guy, and seeing how the girl’s are going to get some eye candy in the form of daniel day kim and alex o’laughlin so should us guys (and those like deborah) and having a tv show take place in hawaii WITHOUT kelly is like having a tv take place in hawaii and NOT show waikiki or diamond head and you just know we are going to be seeing them at least once a week. b.t.w. my all time favorite H5-0 episode, 3 dead cows at makapuu, hopefully they’ll “re-imagine” that two parter

  3. We’ll totally second that endorsement for Kelly to appear on the new Hawaii 5-0. Seems like a no-brainer to us!

  4. In my last run with local talent while my friends where shooting The Descendants, I was real stoked at the local talent pool that John Jackson (casting director) shared with me during his casting process. Kelly is without a doubt in the top 3 of the most publicly recognized Hawaiian born actors but man, ther’s a strong group of young actors out here just bursting with talent…..

  5. We LOVE Kelly Hu!

    How awesome would it be to have her on HAWAII 5-0

    A real Hawaiian on the show would be an asset to the show. Plus – either as a cop or a bad@ss – she looks HOT in a bikini (yep I’m a straight girl, but her hotness is a fact – don’t gotta be a guy or gay to admire beauty) is an actress with an excellent reputation and would represent her home state making the people in that area more apt to watch.

    Can I start a chant here? KELLY HU… Kelly Hu… Kelly Hu

  6. Kelly would SUCH an asset to Hawaii 5 – O!! She already has experience in the cop scene (Nash Bridges and CSI NY) Hawaii 5-O needs local people. The actors need to look like they live here in Hawaii and not look like they live on the mainland!! Kelly would be the perfect female officer that Hawaii 5-O needs to be successful. She’s got everything that it takes, great looks, filming experience and local experience. What more can you ask for? She needs to be a permanent fixture on that show and not a guest star. Is the director crazy AND blind. This show will never go past one season without local representation as the majority. They need to rethink things.

  7. I refuse to watch this show unless Kelly is on it. She’s the best!

  8. Kelly is truly gorgeous and truly talented. Hawaii 5-O would be missing out on a huge asset if they didn’t put her in the show.


  9. Kelly definitely belongs on Five-O. Having a true local from the islands is what will make the show, and she is full of talent. Put her on Hawaii Five-O!!!

  10. she would be soooooo perfect!!!!
    She belongs on Hawaii Five 0

  11. Kelly Hu is HOT. Whenever I see her on screen, I’m amazed to see this gorgeous creature, but even more impressed that this sex goddess can actually act…and act well! She brought notoriety to Hawaii as Miss Teen USA and should be showcased in something as high profile as Hawaii-5-0! Tell everyone. Time to let everyone know that Hawaiians got talent. Mahalo.

  12. Totally agree with Gordon. Need to have a Hawaii born performer on to have the locals support the series and Kelly should easily fill this role. She’s worked hard and deserves a chance to star on ths series.

  13. Yes, I’ll second that. Kelly Hu + Hawaii 5-0!!!!

  14. Kelly belongs on Hawaii 5-0! She’s gorgeous, talented, fights like a champ and is Hawai`i’s own!

  15. I hope Kelly will be in it! She is so great and pretty!

  16. Let’s see – exotically beautiful woman, always physically fit and tan for cameras, a physical action actress who has starred in or been featured in numerous television police and action dramas (and comedies), as well as action/drama and comedic movies, can actually act and carry her own weight in a dramatic scene with any other marque actor, no negative personal or professional baggage or “drama queen” antics (i.e., all the “new wave media whore” actors and actresses, LiLo, etc.), not just Asian BUT BORN, BRED, AND RAISED IN HAWAII – what were and still are the casting directors thinking?!?!? This woman needs to be inserted as a regular cast member IMMEDIATELY – just think of the publicity and goodwill they would garner, an actually, true HAWAIIAN starring in HAWAII 5-0! Can you say MEGA-MILLONS, POWERBALL LOTTERY JACKPOT WINNER ALL ROLLED INTO ONE!!! I guess the producers or owners of the show must be Republicans, because only someone as stupid, idiotic, ignoramus as them would have missed the boat on originally thinking of and hiring KELLY HU as a regular, starring cast member.

  17. When they first announced the new Hawaii 5-0, first person I thought of was ‘Kelly Hu’.

    What is the new Hawaii 5-0 without Kelly?

    • Totally agree that Kelly Hu fits the role for Kono. She was the ist actress i though of as the news of a reprisal of Hawaii 5-0. Grace Park as Kono?, her acting is not convincing for the role. Her martial art acting ability doesn’t have the punch like Kelly Hu. Hope casting Director will recast Kono’s role and cast Kelly Hu 🙂

  18. Kelly you are the best woman in the World ! 🙂

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